Wednesday, 1 May 2013

I would like to take this opportunity to get in touch with you and to update you on a number of exciting developments in the MA in Diversity and the Media programme. 

We, at the University of Westminster, together with our partner, the Media Diversity Institute, a leading NGO working to encourage the practice of inclusive journalism have been working hard to provide our students a unique and rewarding learning experience for 2013/14.
Our highly innovative course will give students the opportunity to study and research the main ways in which social scientists analyze the role of the mass media in the social construction, representation and understanding of difference and social diversity and get a critical understanding of the social and media structures and journalistic practices that impact upon these processes.
The course combines a portfolio of theory modules aimed to develop knowledge and critical understanding of the processes of managing and making sense of cultural diversity, key issues in intercultural communication and of various aspects of the sociology of news with a number of practice-oriented modules intended to give students first hand experience in the practice of inclusive journalism.
We have been preparing a programme of exciting visits to various institutions relevant to the course and a host of guest talks from expert academics and practitioners to complement lectures and seminars. In addition to the programme of studies, we work hard to ensure that students are offered opportunities to gain valuable experience with media and NGOs whose work is relevant to their programme of studies and enhances their employability after graduation. 
We have therefore established partnerships with TAG International Development, a not for profit organization specializing in communication and development projects in a number of African and Asian countries, the UK-based Prisma/The Multicultural Newspaper, MediaWise, a media project developing public awareness and sensitivity towards disability and discrimination, and Pearson Media Internships which offer paid or unpaid internships that give students the opportunity to work in the UK or overseas or to contribute to the production of media content. In addition, students are encouraged to contribute to the Media Diversity Institute Blog and other similar outlets to showcase their projects or cover a particular issue they are interested in.
You can check the Media Diversity Institute website for more information on their involvement in the programme here.

In the past our students have gained invaluable experience by participating in the Pearson Diversity Summer Internship Programme and other similar schemes and we intend to extend even more opportunities in the coming year. We place particular importance to such opportunities as these help students to build upon their academic and practical work and further develop the skills that will enable them to embark on their chosen careers.
Finally, the Open Society Foundation, the University of Westminster and the Swedish International Development Agency in conjunction with the MDI are offering a limited number of dedicated scholarships and fee waivers for MA in Diversity and the Media students only. Although these represent limited opportunities, I would ask you to have a look at them or pass the information on to anybody who might be interested. For more details, please check 

For those interested in applying for the course, please follow this link. If you have any questions please get in touch and we will be happy to