The MA in Diversity and the Media

The course combines a portfolio of theory modules aimed to develop students’ knowledge and critical understanding of the processes of managing and making sense of cultural diversity, key issues in intercultural communication and of various aspects of the sociology of news with a number of practice-oriented modules intended to give them first hand experience in the practice of inclusive journalism. 

Drawing upon this unique combination of rigorous theoretical engagement and specialist practical training, the MA in Diversity and the Media is designed to equip students with a comprehensive conceptual/theoretical grounding and the practical skills to engage in responsible, culturally informed and inclusive journalism and to develop a career (whether practical, strategic, or research-based) involving understanding and responding to the challenges of social diversity.
The course is taught by the expert academic team of Westminster’s top-rated Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI) and experienced trainers/lecturers from the Media Diversity Institute. 
Students will be part of a bustling, multicultural academic department which boasts a strong research culture: they will be able to attend the regular talks by outside speakers (academics and practitioners) on a variety of communication and mass media issues and will benefit from the inclusive journalism training expertise of the Media Diversity Institute.
You can find more information at the course web page or by emailing to the course director Dr Roza Tsagarousianou (